Friday, 19 October 2012

MEATmarket: Not original but who cares?

Its been around for quite a while now and I went pre-blog days a week or so after opening for a mid-week treat, and fearing a Liquor-like line and was surprised to see it empty. Hidden away in a gritty hideaway above one of the less chic areas of Covent Garden, back then the cogs were still being polished and the delivery was a little off: burgers under seasoned, and lacking some of the menu favourites of the original (where were the wings and deep friend pickles?). Nonetheless these things take time and the better-half was craving a MEAT hotdog, so we duly swung by on a wet Wednesday evening.

Worried that by now the cat would be out the bag, and that infamous MEAT queue would be snaking down the spiral stairs, I was anxious as I rounded Waggamamas. My worrying was all in vain, as although full, the nature of fast-food became apparent as two gentlemen left just as we arrived. I duly hurried to the service point.

One Dead Hippie, Ripper, wings, fries and beers.

The wings had the important crisp blistering on the skin that gave the hot sauce something to cling to and were still moist inside. The wings were well coated and were as tasty as at its parent. The BH is not a fan of spice, so that left me with double the fun.
Hot Wings

The Dead Hippie was one of the better versions I have had. The bun typically trying hard to fall apart but not quite giving up under the strain of all that juice and grease. The meat was cooked perfect Yanni-medium rare  and well seasoned (yay!). The combo of hippie sauce and pickles always bring a smile to my face. Was so so tempted to get another, regret not doing it now.
Dead Hippie. Bit blurry.

Ripper was as good as last time, the pork heavy on flavour and burst forth its juices with that delicious skin 'pop'. As for the crispy onions: they may as well be classified a Class A drug and injected intravenously. Addictive as crack.
Ripper. What a rippa'!

Overall: The location has come under flak from some commentators but personally I like the grubby nature of it. Reminds me of MEATwagon's more humble origins. Plus, the obsession for the original leaves plenty of spare capacity for me to walk straight in at 7pm. Great weekday filthiness.

Where: Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8BE (Ill leave you to figure exactly where)

How much? Meal for two plus beer: £28
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 7/10, very quick order turnaround
Slosh: 7/10, solid beers
Value: 8/10

Square Meal
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